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One survey revealed that 34% of children had actually not seen their dentist. 

Ensuring that your children have a good and healthy dental routine can be one of the best things that you can do for them in the long run. 

But don’t worry. Your kid’s dental care doesn’t have to be painful. Help your kids develop fun and healthy dental habits.

Start Brushing Their Teeth Early

Many parents may not even realize that they need to brush their children’s teeth as soon as possible. Kid’s dental care actually starts before their teeth start to appear.

This is one of the mistakes that parents don’t realize. They will normally wait until the teeth start coming in to start brushing them. However, the teeth actually start to develop under the jaw when babies are in their third trimester. 

If your child doesn’t have teeth yet, here are some tips you can do to still make sure that they have good dental hygiene. 

Even if your baby isn’t teeth yet, you can use a clean, wet washcloth to wipe off their gums. This will keep bad bacteria from forming.

Once your child starts to get teeth, you can get a baby-sized toothbrush and gently brush their teeth. You can use toothpaste, but make sure that it’s a very small portion. Make sure that you pick a toothpaste that has a seal of approval. 

Supervise Your Children

Another thing to keep in mind when working on your kid’s dental care is that you should supervise your children when they are brushing their teeth.

If your child is younger than six years old, you should help them brush their teeth. That way you can show them the proper way to do it. Once they can do it on their own, you may want to watch them and make sure that they don’t accidentally swallow the toothpaste. 

Take Them to the Dentist as Soon as Possible

Just like you should start brushing their teeth early on, you should also take them to the dentist as soon as possible.

Experts recommend that you take your child to see their dentist before they turn one year old. 

Choosing a good pediatric dentist will be helpful in making sure that your child has good hygiene in the long run. The dentist will teach you and your child how to brush their teeth. They can also give you tips and tricks to make sure that you’re flossing their teeth correctly. 

Making sure that your child goes to the dentist will help normalize it for them. If they realize early on that their dentist appointments are normal and not something to be scared of, they may be less likely to develop a phobia of the dentist later on. 

In addition to all of that, your dentist may be able to detect other problems that your child may have. They can detect if they are at risk for cavities, which is one of the most common oral diseases in children. 

Make sure that you do your research and choose a pediatric dentist who is great with children. 

Incorporate a Good Diet

Another great thing to do is to make sure that your child has a healthy diet.

You shouldn’t let them drink too many sugary drinks, milk, or juice. If you don’t brush their teeth after they drink something like this, the sugar could sit on their teeth and start to eat away at their enamel. 

Instead, you should give them water to drink. That way, there won’t be as much sugar that sticks to their teeth throughout the day. 

One way to help your child have a good diet is to involve them in part of the process. You could try giving them a choice between two healthy snacks. If they feel like they have a choice in what they are going to eat, they are more likely to feel like they are in control. 

Ensure They Have Fluoride

Fluoride is actually really important for your child’s dental hygiene. Fluoride is a chemical that helps prevent cavities and makes sure that their teeth’s enamel is strong.

In most cities, there is fluoride in the water that your children will drink. Even if you use a Brita filter, the fluoride will still be in the water. Most cities require that there should be fluoride in the tap water, but if there isn’t fluoride in it, you may need to make sure they get it somewhere else. 

To get fluoride, you can have your child take a supplement. However, before you give your child this, you should talk to their dentist or doctor to see if they really need it. 

Your child will also get fluoride when they get their cleanings at the dentist. 

However, you want to make sure that they don’t get too much fluoride. They can get too much if they take too many supplements or swallow too much toothpaste. If they get too much fluoride, it can be dangerous for their health and also cause stains on their teeth.  

Have Good Habits Yourself

One of the best things you can do is to make sure that you have good habits. Your children may watch you more than you realize, and you should be setting a positive example for them.

If you brush and floss your teeth twice a day, your child may want to be just like you and start brushing their teeth every day as well. 

Make Brushing Fun

You should also make sure that you make brushing teeth fun. If you do this, they are more likely to keep it as a habit later on in life. 

For example, you can do something like taking them to go out and pick a fun toothbrush. There are toothbrushes that come in fun colors or with fun characters on them. 

You could also give them rewards for having good brushing habits. For example, you could have a sticker chart where they are rewarded for brushing their teeth twice a day. 

You can also make trips to the dentist fun by choosing the right pediatric dentist. If the trips are fun, they may not be as scared about it later on.  

Start Your Kid’s Dental Care Routine Today

Your kid’s dental care routine should start as soon as possible.

However, a good dental care routine starts with choosing the right dentist. 

If you are looking for a good pediatric dentist, check us out and become a new patient today!